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His name is an insider secret. His number is on the phone of almost every famous personal development leader you know. Celebrity authors, speakers, and life coaches jump to work with him because they revere his genius.

  • Unlock the full potential of your imagination, creativity and intuition

  • Boost your immune system and ward off almost any known illness

  • Rejuvenate your relationships with a happy and open heart

  • Unleash new levels of physical energy you didn’t know you have

  • Melt away stress, worry, and doubt like an ice cube in the sun

  • Transform your metabolism so you can shed unwanted weight

  • Gain unbreakable focus without caffeine or medication

  • Skyrocket your confidence and conquer communication challenges

  • Push past limits and break through to new levels of success

  • And that's only the beginning…

Now, it wasn’t just his ideas and psychological insights that earned him such renown across the world of psychology and personal development…

It was his startling invention of…

Breakthrough “Brain Wave” Technology That Programs Your Mind For Lifetime Success

You see, years ago, Dr. Porter was a pioneer in the field of Neuro Sensory sciences, otherwise known as “brain wave” technology.

Early in his career, he understood that the quality of your brain waves directly impacts the quality of your life, and he developed a simple way to boost your brain wave functions through the magic of audio engineering.

Today you get to experience that magic for yourself.

At the push of a button, you can finally …

Transform Your Life In Just Minutes A Day With The Little-Known Secrets Of “NeuroSensory Algorithms”

Because the truth is this:

Hidden deep within your subconscious is the power to steer the course of your destiny to whatever outcome you desire. 

And yet, while most people just let their subconscious run on autopilot

The smartest ones realized they can tap into their subconscious brain waves to accomplish things that seem like miracles to everyone else. 

You see…no matter what you want to accomplish, or how hard it seems (or how much you’ve struggled in the past…)

Once you activate the right brain waves... 

You can blast through barriers holding you back, achieve that “next level” of success you’ve been waiting for, and…

Before long, the success stories started pouring just as fast. 

I'd been overweight my entire adult life. I gained 100 lbs between the ages of 20 and 25 and kept gaining. On airplanes I had to borrow the demo seat belt just to buckle myself in. I've tried every crazy diet, fad, pill, gimmick and read the self-help books. The low-carb diet seemed great at first.

As soon as I had one piece of bread, though, I was done. I was 32 years old and if I didn't change, I was going to have a heart attack before age 40. I needed to start by fixing the way I thought.

New Year's Resolution Come True!

I started the program as my New Year's resolution at the beginning of 2008. Instantly, I slept better at night and my habits started changing. I drank a lot more water without thinking about it. After listening to an audio session, I'd go to the fridge and automatically be drawn to the fruits and vegetables.

I lost weight like crazy that first year. Even when the weight loss slowed, my changes continued. I haven't been this light since I was 17! Not only did I lose all 170 lbs, but I've kept it off 2-1/2 years. 5 more lbs and I'll be exactly half my old weight. I'm so stoked!

Dr. Porter's Brainwave Entrainment Audio Makes All the Difference

I'd been eating to cope with stress, but with the brainwave entrainment audios I found new ways to cope. I have a well-balanced lifestyle now. Dr. Porter's brainwave entrainment audio program is an amazing tool; I love listening to the sessions. It's my time to unplug from the world, to focus on me, relax and lower my stress level. When you're super relaxed and focused, everything sinks in and you're able to solve your problems.

I'm living proof that these audios aren't just another fad diet that won't last; I've been able to reprogram my brain so the way I look at food and the way I look at life are different. That's why I'm confident I'm going to keep my weight off for good.

Whether your goal is weight loss or quitting smoking or anything else, these brainwave entrainment programs will improve your quality of life. It's not just that it works; it's the only thing that worked for me." 

Randy Clusiau 

Toronto, Ontario  

170 Pounds Lighter Thanks To Dr. Patrick Porter!

"My weight dropped from an obese 350 lbs to an athletic 180 thanks to the Dr. Porter's brainwave entrainment program. That's 9 pant sizes! Most importantly, I've kept it off for nearly 3 years.

An Awesome Product

"I have the newest product by Dr. Patrick Porter, an Awesome product. A long awaited update to his list of Creative Visualization and Relaxation techniques and well worth the wait. For anyone looking to experience new levels of Creative Visualization and meditation this is a great place to start."  

Fred Watson 
Pleasanton, CA  

"Journey Of The Soul" 
 Accelerate The 9 Core Areas Of Your Emotional Guidance System 

The "Journey Of The Soul" Brainwave Entrainment Series was created using a technology made famous by Dr. Porter.

Called NeuroSensory AlgorithmsTM (NSATM), this amazing, proprietary technology includes:

  • Augmented sound  

  • Isochronic tones

  • Binaural beats  

  • Strategic Mind MessagingTM

Developed from the research of the world's leading universities, this technology draws on the same science used by educators, high-powered CEOs, the US military, and healthcare providers to alleviate stress and insomnia while creating the optimum brain state for peak performance

"What's The Big Deal About The Technology Used In Journey Of The Soul?"

The breakthrough technology used in this brainwave entrainment series features deep carrier frequencies.

These are the actual sine waves that transport your mind into the deepest meditative states, magnifying the effect of the binaural beats and isochronic tones and allowing you to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time.

The multi-layered patterns generated are designed to create a master brainwave frequency, creating symmetry between the frequencies on all levels.

Other products on the market that tout the benefits of binaural brainwave entrainment almost always use only a singular binaural frequency creating an isolated state of awareness.

Even if you were to reach alpha or theta using these products, without the sine waves, these other programs can't take you to the levels of consciousness achieved with the technology used in "Journey Of The Soul." 

Here's a more detailed look into the 3 elements that sets Journey Of The Soul apart from any other product out there:

Binaural Beats
Put simply, these are imbedded tones that the brain naturally follows into states of deeprelaxation.

Within minutes your brain reaches extraordinary levels of performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

Binaural beats work by tricking the brain into hearing a phantom frequency that isn't really there.

For example, if we play a 220 Hz carrier tone into the left ear and a 226.5 Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain perceives the difference between the two, which is a subtle beat frequency of 6.5 Hz, the same frequency associated with deep, meditative trances.

Your brain naturally follows this frequency and you experience this meditative trance state.

Binaural beats are a proven self-development tool that's been researched for decades.

Isochronic Tones

This is the newest brainwave entrainment technology.

Isochronic tones are manually created, equal intensity pulses of sound separated by an interval of silence.

They turn on and off rapidly, but the speed depends on the desired brain frequency.

The discrete nature of isochronic tones makes them particularly easy for the brain to follow.

Strategic Mind MessagingTM

Strategic Mind MessagingTM can help you change the way you view yourself and your life.

Once you have a new image of yourself-as a healthy, happy, optimistic person-your fears and frustrations fade away and you no longer let small things stress you.

The guided mind messaging audio sessions, recorded by the world's leaders in achievement and personal development, help you stop dwelling on what you don't want while giving you laser-like focus on everything you do want, so you can have the life you've always dreamed of, effortlessly!

A profound meditative state - formerly the exclusive domain of Zen masters - calms the mind and produces the healthy neuro-chemistry that enhances focus, learning, achievement, and healing.

As mentioned earlier, the NeuroSensory AlgorithmsTM technology sets Journey Of The Soul apart from any other brain training system out there, and makes it the most advanced brain training system in the world.

And now you're literally seconds away from gaining unrestricted access to this amazing life-changing technology.

Let's take a look at each title within the Journey Of The Soul brainwave entrainment series:

#1: Committing To Your Journey Of The Soul

During this brainwave entrainment session Dr. Patrick Porter (PHD) will help you to integrate the 9 essential segments of the Journey of the Soul Program.

Your other-than-conscious will help you to create good health, incorporate strategies to build wealth and take control of your finances... just to name a few.

This session prepares you for the foundation of the 9 core areas of the Journey of the Soul training assisting you in living a better life now. 

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Expand your mind and tune into the frequencies that will allow you to experience the subtle energies and shift that enable you to commit to the journey of your soul!   

  • Create the health, the wealth, and the relationships you've always desired with the power that resides deep within you! 

  • Access your "true self" and shed years of anxiety and frustrations that have been hindering you from living a truly joyful abundant life!   

  • Purge your body of negative thought, concept, belief that has prevented you from experiencing the vastness and fullness of your spiritual nature!   

  • Allow your true nature to shine as brightly as the sun into every area of your life!   

  • And a whole lot more!

#1: Committing To Your Journey Of The Soul


#2: Health And Wellbeing On Your Journey

In this integration you will imagine the role food and drinks have in your journey of the soul.

Dr. Porter will have you creating a time-line for alignment of your soul's purpose.

With this, you will create a change that will have you eating and drinking the most nutritious foods available feeding your body and soul.

Make that soul connection will help you to maintain your healthiest weight.

Imagine the joy of exercise as you plan your healthy future knowing that true wealth starts with health.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Learn how to use your "other-than-conscious" mind to attain total control of the vital functions of your physical body, and experience the kind of health, wellness and vitality that you've always wanted!   

  • Achieve a transformative state of mind that enables you to easily identify foods that will bring you the best health benefits, and avoid foods that will compromise your "perfect" health!   

  • Release excess stress, tension, and anxiety from your mind and body and experience great mental and physical health by tapping into the true spiritual DNA of your body!   

  • Get your body working the way it was designed to work, in perfect order, in perfect rhythm... From your heart to your lungs to every fibre of your being; become healthier than you've ever been in your life!   

  • Tap into the amazing power of your soul to become greater than you have been led to believe and realise your true purpose on your journey to achieving great health 

  • And much more!

#2: Health And Wellbeing On Your Journey

#3: Wealth And Finances On Your Journey

As you journey of the soul you will go inside to the resources of your consciousness you will discover why wealth is a creation of your soul's desire.

Dr. Patrick Porter will show you why you managing your wealth and finances starts with the way you manage your thoughts.

Learn to master your thoughts and master your finances.

You learn the secrets of the wealth builders and realize why wealth can be defined as what you have left if you lose all your money.

And why money is not wealth.

You will use this journey to put money to work for you so that you can achieve what you want to achieve and do what you want to do.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Start each day with purpose and passion, knowing deep within you that you have a soul urge to accomplish goals, set them, and achieve them as you create a mastermind for success!  

  • Put yourself on the path to wealth and finances... learn to ask, believe, and achieve whatever your mind can conceive. Create the kind of life you've always desired!   

  • Attain a natural charisma that attracts like-minded individuals like bees to honey, who want nothing more than to do business with you!   

  • Reveal the brilliance of your own soul for an almost effortless life of wealth and abundance through your "other-than-conscious" mind!   Achieve success in every endeavor as naturally and effortlessly as taking a breath!

  • Achieve success in every endeavor as naturally and effortlessly as taking a breath!   

  • And a whole lot more!

#3: Wealth And Finances On Your Journey

#4: Relationships On Your Journey

Relationships start with you.

As you use Dr. Porter's integrate of this lesson at the other-than-conscious level you will use your creative mind to relate with your soul mate, children, mom, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbours and friends.

You will recognize the relationships that surround you in life are not a competition but as your soul's learning experience.

It will be natural for you to be easy going and accepting.

You will be amazed how easy it is to let everyone have their own opinion, without wanting to WIN over them as you allow the dance of the soul.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Open up your creative mind and develop the type of relationships that others only dream of but will be a part of your every day reality!   

  • Use your enhanced "other-than-conscious" mind to build a true inner relationship with your loved ones in your life!   

  • Learn to forgive, forget, and move on from your past, allow love and joy into your heart and transcend into a spiritually and emotionally fulfilled and meaningful life!   

  • Draw yourself to the right people, the right situations, and the right circumstances to create the kinds of relationships you desire as naturally as taking a breath!   

  • Awaken within you the true journey into relationships at the soul level!   

  • And much more!

#4: Relationships On Your Journey

#5: Lifestyle Transformation On Your Journey

Your life will transform from the inside out as you eliminate consumerism and master the time in your life.

With the media controlling everyone you will develop strong beliefs that will guide your behaviours from the inner urges of your soul.

During this brainwave entrainment session Dr. Patrick Porter will help you work through any judgements you might have of yourself or what others think of you.

On this journey you will align with the simple balance of life that will bring you the greatest joy by releasing the past embracing the present and looking forward to the future.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • See everything in crystal clear clarity and gain a deeper understanding about yourself, the world around you, and how you can achieve the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed of!   

  • Eliminate any thought of consumerism, take value in your life experience, do things on your own terms! Negative thoughts, concepts, or beliefs of others will have no control over you at any level of the mind!   

  • Awaken each morning with a smile on your face knowing that something wonderful is going to happen in your life, from the very core of your being!   

  • Learn how to make the absolute necessary choices so you can make the changes to build the type of relationships, income, or lifestyle you've always desired... regardless of what others say or do!  

  • Transform your life by tapping into resources you didn't even know you had!   

  • And much more!

#5: Lifestyle Transformation On Your Journey

#6: Personal Growth On Your Journey

Imagine awakening your passion and listening to your inner wisdom and exploring your life from the inside out.

It is said that spirit is simple, man is complex.

As Dr. Patrick Porter guides you on this mental exercise you will learn to listen to your heart.

You will experience the joy of negative beliefs melting away as you journey.

Leaving you free to do something new.

Negative emotions such as fear, frustration and anger will no longer serve you and you will no longer serve them.

You will allow your guidance system to keep you on purpose and stay in touch with your passion.

What would you be doing RIGHT NOW if you could do anything?

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Release all fear, all frustration, all physical emotions that stop you from expressing your soul's passion and becoming the great person you are destined to be!   

  • Explore your soul's passion and bring about the abundance that is your birthright!   

  • Awaken within you the possibility that there are greater possibilities in all relationships, that you can draw to you, through you, and around you, your abundance!   

  • Empower your soul to direct you to the right people, the right experiences, the right encounters so that it will all work out in divine order!   

  • Increase, improve and experience the abundance of your soul... appreciate, and honor your body!   

  • And a whole lot more!

#6: Personal Growth On Your Journey

#7: Career Moves On Your Journey

Dr. Patrick Porter will teach you how to unlock your true potential on this guided imagery program that will work to shift your attitude so that results follow you like your shadow.

You will learn how the master mentors do things at the deepest levels of your mind by using your strengths to magnetize into the world a support team that will help you get from where you are to where you want to go in the safest and quickest amount of time.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you collaborate with the greatest minds around you!

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Tap into your inner potential so you can do what you love and allow the resources in your life to follow effortlessly!   

  • Attune into the power and resources of your soul to accomplish any career goal you may have in life!   

  • Gain a lifetime of experience in a blink of an eye by unlocking the full potential of your soul and your "other-than-conscious" mind!   

  • Develop a dynamic attitude within yourself that completely eliminates the hold that negative thoughts and concepts have over you and become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!  

  • Bring remarkable change into your personal and professional lives effortlessly through the transformative power of your soul!

  • And so much more!

#7: Career Moves On Your Journey

#8: Inner-State On Your Journey

Dr. Porter will guide you through this lesson by understanding the resources you have within your soul.

You might not be able to control the weather but you will learn to appreciate nature's gift.

You will create the re-connection with the world that will empower you to take an active role to reduce your carbon foot print and really understand what the environment means to you from the inside out with your newfound appreciation for the real value of the things that nature has provided for you.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Learn to reconnect to Mother Earth... feel the abundance that exist in the known and the unknown universe and to understand the resources within you to build a better life for yourself!  

  • Find a natural way to release stress and tension from your body, cleanse your system of all harmful elements, and be in tune with Mother Nature by tapping into the power laying dormant within you!

  • Achieve the elusive balance between yourself and Mother Earth to bring about peace, tranquility, and harmony into your life!   

  • Experience the world through new, enhanced senses! No longer will negative emotion take hold of you and hinder you from living life as it should be lived!   

  • Attract and connect with like-minded individuals in the world naturally and effortlessly as you find a balance between yourself and Mother Nature!   

  • And much more!

#8: Inner-State On Your Journey

#9: Spirituality On Your Journey

During this experience Dr. Porter will help you to understand the consciousness that is you.

How as a spiritual being you are having a physical experience and how evolution in consciousness is the key to your connectivity to all things seen and unseen.

You will explore your intuition and allow the happiness of your spirit to show up in your life in ways that you can't imagine with inner resources you didn't know you have as you realize that service to humanity is service to divinity.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Discover the spiritual DNA within you that controls your worldly consciousness and experiences, and learn how you can shape your own reality as you see fit!

  • Move freely through your thoughts and allow yourself to experience the joy and acceptance of life itself!   

  • Achieve ultimate peace and tranquility of the soul and never allow negativity to ruin your life experiences ever again!  

  • Transcend beyond your physical limitation and limiting beliefs and become more attuned to your true spiritual self!   

  • Experience the divine pleasures in life that you so rightfully deserve as you find yourself on the spiritual path to nirvana! 

  • And a whole lot more!

#9: Spirituality On Your Journey

#10: You Have The Power To Change The World

You can rise above your circumstances and better yourself through opening to the brilliance of your soul and move beyond personal development.

In this summary session Dr. Porter using the journey of the soul concepts to guide you through exercises that will put your life into perspective.

You will unleash the power of thought and action and strive to balance your life.

You will go to that quite place of power within where your spirit is magnificent.

It is there your soul's determination to conquer both boundaries and limitations will drop away.

You will awaken to find there is nothing stopping you from changing your life.

 As you connect with your soul's purpose and let go of your limiting beliefs and exhibit the behaviours and take the actions necessary to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

 Here's a glimpse of the benefits you'll stand to gain in this session:

  • Rise above your current situation, the circumstances of your life, and better yourself beyond personal development!

  • Attract wealth, health, and abundance as naturally and as automatically as breathing!  

  • Find all your limiting beliefs melt away instantly as you become the change that you want to see in the world!  

  • Change your life and conscious reality inside out as you connect with your soul's true purpose!

  • And much much more!

#10: You Have The Power To Change The World

Great Service, Nice People

"I am very please with the customer service. Being a non-technology stressed person, I thought downloading the programs was going to be a problem. Each time I have called Dr. Porter's support desk, the wonderful people there have guided me through the whole process. I am very grateful for their personal service and attention!" 

Amy Thornton
Madison, AL

Health, Happiness, and Vitality

"I recently used Dr. Porter's system for about eight weeks. I found the progress with already established life goals accelerated in unexpected ways. I began to relax deeper and more thoroughly with each use. I even took them with me on a trip and found I was refreshed and relaxed despite changes to routines. With out of town guest this past week leading up to Thanksgiving, I had more difficulty finding three times a day, and some days even one. I found immediately, that even though I repeated some of the anchoring beliefs to myself, I lost some ground. (I am training for a very demanding sports event). Great product and great company. I am very pleased." 

Beth Zwecher
 Natick, MA

A Great Product and Exceptional Service

"I was recently introduced to Dr. Porter's system through a colleague who recommended them to me. After the first use, I felt as though the stresses that I had been carrying left and my mind and body felt noticeably lighter and clearer. I feel as though this is a wonderful product, capable of delivering results that would traditionally take much longer to achieve, or with much more expense if one were to pursue individual hypnotherapy sessions. It is a unique product and the staff are not only friendly and well-equipped to help those of us who are not the most technologically savvy, but they are also happy to help. I am grateful to have found this product and the accompanying service. It really has been first rate in my experience."

Dianne Fanti
 Baltimore, Maryland

 "How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

Each audio in this series normally retails for $30, and all 10 audios on their own would cost $300 in total.  

But I'm not going to make you pay $300 for all 10 audios.  

I'm not even going to make you pay $100 for them.  

Because I sincerely want to help you create a better life for yourself, I'm going to make this an offer you simply have no reason to say "No" to.  

For this limited time offer, you can order "Journey Of The Soul" and receive all 10 advanced brainwave entertainment audios for a mere $300 $67 $37 

 That's Right - Only $37!

I'm only offering the entire "Journey Of The Soul" series at such an affordable price because I don't want anyone to be deprived of the opportunity to make a better life for themselves.  

Frankly, $67 $37 is a small price to pay to achieve a complete transformation of your life, a transformation that will enable you to attract practically all the positive energy in existence into your life and dramatically enrich it.  

But I get it.  

This is your life, and you shouldn't be taking chances with it.  

So here's what I'm going to do for you.  

If you go ahead and grab the entire "Journey Of The Soul" series before closing this page, you'll also be eligible for these exclusive, limited-time bonuses.

Ambient Sounds For Audio Zen And Tranquility (Value: $27)

Did you know that most failures in life can be attributed to a person's state of mind?

The sad, undeniable fact is that many people fail in life because they are unable to tap into a state of mind conducive for the achievement of success.

The stresses and frustrations endured over the years of repeated failures may become a bigger factor in their attempts for success than they realise.

Which is why it is crucial for anyone seeking success to achieve a Zen state of mind, one that grants them a calm, tranquil peace of mind that in turn allows them to be in tune with the Universe and its forces of change.

And you can achieve this state of mind by going back to what the Universe had always intended for everyone to turn to: Mother Nature.

Many underestimate the power of the mind and the kind of success one can achieve when the mind is in tune with the universal forces, and the ambient sounds of nature go a long way in getting you in tune with the Universe.

Ambient Sounds provide you the exact tools necessary to rewire your mindset and begin getting TRUE results with the ease of audio.

This amazing audio series contains 7 soothing sounds of nature and water that bring instant calm, peace, and tranquillity to your mind.

You'll find the soothing sounds of wind chimes, crickets, happy birds, rain, running river, shorebirds, whales, and the ocean... all amazing sounds of nature that will get you into the optimum Zen state of mind in absolutely no time.

If you've struggled to achieve an optimum Zen state of mind, the Ambient Sound series will make it effortless for you to achieve that ever elusive state, and bring you closer to your goals than anything you've ever imagined!

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Motivational Audio Stories
 (Value: $27) 

Why is it that people still fail in spite of wanting something?

Yes you can say that they don't want something bad enough - but that is not truly the case.

Other times, people lose faith because it seems as if what they're doing isn't working.

Perhaps you've told yourself that you can make a change in the way your mind works, that you have the ability to tap into a positive outlook along the way, but halfway through you're irritated, disheartened, and you get tired of trying to find that elusive success you've always sought out.

Other times, you see no results no matter what you try.

You know that you need to alter your outlook on things, but you lack the proper tools and knowledge.

Discouragement sets in, and you simply lose faith in yourself.

Sometimes, all you need is a reminder of why you're doing the things you're doing, to get you motivated and back on track on your path to success.

Motivational Audio Stories provide you the exact tools necessary for you to jumpstart your motivation to keep working toward your goals and keep fighting the good fight.

In this brilliant audio series, you'll find...

  • A motivational story about how sometimes struggles are precisely what we need in our lives   

  • A motivational story about how something that appears appeared like it will bury you, can actually end up blessing you   

  • A motivational story about how things occur around us and things happen to us, but the sole thing that truly matters is what occurs inside us   

  • A motivational story about how you need to control your temper the next time you're tempted to say something you'll regret later   

  • A motivational story about encouraging others   

  • A motivational story about how you need to be kind as you never realize the thoughts of others   

  • And much much more!

Motivational Audio Stories
 (Value: $27) 

Ambient Sounds For Audio Zen And Tranquility (Value: $27)

Bonus #3

Relaxing Music
 (Value: $27) 

Stress contributes to practically every chronic physiological (and even psychological) conditions known to man, because even though stress produces certain hormones and enzymes in the body that may help in most "flight-or-fight" situations, prolonged exposure to such hormones and enzymes may be more harmful to your health than you realise.

This is why doctors are concerned with conditions like hypertension, because such chronic diseases are fast becoming the #1 killers in most parts of the world today.

But you can avoid becoming a victim to stress and stress-related conditions, by tapping into the power deep within you to ease both your mind and body from a stressful state, to one that enables you to relax and find a tranquil peace.

With the Relaxing Music series, you'll have the means to achieve instant relaxation; de-stressing has never been simpler!

Inside this amazing series, you'll find:

  • A more cost-effective music therapy  

  • Perfect tempo music to slow your breathing   

  • An effective relaxation and stress management tool   

  • A way to promote relaxation of tense muscles   

  • A way to help your brain get into a meditative state   

  • Music to set affirmations to   

  • A way to deal with the stressful effects of dealing with driving snarl-ups  

  • A way to help with depression   

  • Music to help induce sleep   

  • And much much more!

Relaxing Music
 (Value: $27) 

"Journey Of The Soul"
 Exclusive Limited Time Bonuses

OK, that's it! You have now seen the complete content of my special offer for you today.

So what is it going to cost you to secure ALL of these items?

Well, certainly not the sum of the component pricing for the various audios you see on offer above, which would be:

Package 1Journey Of The Soul AudiosRetail Value = $300
Bonus 1Ambient SoundsRetail Value = $27
Bonus 2Motivational StoriesRetail Value = $27
Bonus 3Relaxing MusicRetail Value = $27
  Total Value = $381

No, I am going to make it all available to you for just $381 $37.

You'll be getting a package worth $381 for just $67 $47 $37

Just $37!

Better Sleep After Using Dr. Porter's System!

"Personally, I began using Dr. Porter's system about 2 months ago. I am achieving a more restful nights sleep (almost immediately) and see the benefit in my work day and maintenance of sense of calm. As an associate in a busy integrative medicine practice, I will recommend Dr. Porter's system to my clients as a way to achieve clinical results and facilitate long term nutritional and lifestyle changes. In addition, the health providers on my team have tried the sessions with favorable results as well. We know there is a psychological tie to how the body is wired. Dr. Porter's sessions will help our clients achieve long term and potent health outcomes." 

Carla Heiser 
Chicago, Illinois  

"Check Out How Dr. Porter's Brainwave Entrainment Audios Have Transformed Lives Around The World!"

Journey Of The Soul will change your life. 

But don't take my word for it...

Everything Changed!  

"When I discovered Dr. Porter's Brainwave Entrainment Audios, everything in my life changed. Within days my confidence was soaring and my motivation and drive were on full throttle. And the best part is, these audios take just minutes a day, and they are the most relaxing and valuable minutes you'll ever experience." 

Cynthia Fertal
Bethlehem, PA

Instant Relaxation!

"Night after night I would lie awake in bed tossing and turning. Then I discovered Dr. Porter's Brainwave Entrainment audios and everything changed. I could reach deep meditative states quickly and with no effort. Before I knew it, I was falling asleep easily and staying asleep. Thanks to these amazing brainwave audios, I reach deeply relaxed states instantly and am experiencing the benefits daily." 

Annette Fritz
Danville, CA

"You Deserve A Better Life."

Living the life you've always wanted doesn't have to be hard.  

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YES - Joe, I'm READY to transform my life today!

You will get INSTANT ACCESS right now
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